All events will take place at the Willmar Civic Center unless otherwise noted.

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Saturday Jan. 16th
8:00am Team Practice - Hodek, Dropkin, Sinnett, Connolly, Shlimovitz
9:30am Team Practice - Christensen, Cousins, Quello, Brekke, Rodgers
11:00am Team Practice - Moore, McDonald, Fenson, Stopera, Clawson
12:00pm Team meeting
12:30pm High Performance meeting
3:00pm Team Practice, Dubberstein, Willertz, Schroeder, Runing, Farrell
4:00pm Opening ceremonies
4:30 pm Heritage Bank Reception
7:00pm Men's Draw 1- Free to the Public

Sunday Jan. 17th
8:00am Women's Draw 1
12:00pm Men's Draw 2
4:00pm Women's Draw 2
6:00-7:00pm Free Dinner for Athletes/Coaches/Parents
8:00pm Men's Draw 3  

Monday Jan. 18th
8:00am Women's Draw 3
12:00pm Men's Draw 4
4:00pm Women's Draw 4
8:00pm Men's Draw 5  

Tuesday Jan. 19th
10:00am Women's Draw 5
2:30pm Men's Draw 6
7:00pm Women's Draw 6  

Wednesday Jan. 20th
8:00am Men's Draw 7  
12:00pm Women's Draw 7
4:00pm Men's Draw 8
8:00pm Women's Draw 8  

Thursday Jan. 21st
8:00am Men's Draw 9
12:00pm Women's Draw 9
4:00pm  Tie-Breaker (if needed)
8:00pm Tie-Breaker (if needed)

Friday Jan. 22nd
9:00am Page Playoff
3:00pm Semi-Finals

Saturday Jan. 23rd
If there is at least one undefeated team:
9:00am M&W finals - 1
1:00pm M&W finals - 2 (if necessary)
4:30pm World team prep meeting (12:30 if only one final)

If there are no undefeated teams:
12:00pm M&W finals
3:30pm World team prep meeting

5:30pm Social Hour - Held at the Willmar Conference Center - 240 23rd St SE, Willmar
6:30pm Closing banquet 

  • Dinner Music by "Kennedi"
  • Awards Program
  • Magic Show - featuring Dylan Barrett - St. Paul Curling Club Jr. Curler
  • Dance - "Will's Band"